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Electronic Journal of Biology (eJBio) is a peer reviewed, all-electronic, open access biological journal available at no charge to readers via the Internet at eJBio is one of the first e-journals specifically devoted to scientists to provide an academic publication platform to communicate their biological research.

We aimed at establishing a general biology journal, rather than being restricted to a specialized area. The Journal's scope is rapid publication of original scientific short papers that are part of the advancing frontiers of bioscience and biotechnology.

The Journal will cover all major areas of life science, biological engineering, medical & pharmaceutical science, agricultural science & technology, biological engineering & technology, biological education and other related topics. The Journal will publish:

, Original research article in short-length
, Experimental studies
, Review articles based on comprehensive and objective analysis
, Short communications reporting results on innovations
, Contemporary news items
, Conference/workshop's proceedings
, PhD abstracts, and
, Exceptional commentaries on major events.

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Electronic Journal of Biology, ISSN 1860-3122